Hello!  We are Sarah and Matt.  We've been photographing weddings and editorial work for years, and after the birth of our daughter, we realized how awesome it would be to document other little ones.  

After struggling to find a photographer whose style really fit what we were looking for when it came time for our own family photos, we realized that what we really wanted was hard to find.  We wanted real moments captured.  Portraits are awesome too, but we think there's more to be said about our children and our families than a child forcing a smile, and a family perfectly posed.  There is something so wonderful about those childhood photos of day to day life, though it's rare that the entire family made it into one together.  We want to give you a mix of portraits that truly capture you as a family, and candid photos of you doing what you do!  

Let us be a fly on your wall for a few hours, or a whole day.  We'll document your family as you are, doing something you love to do, or doing something mundane.  Artfully composed, unique portraits will make their way into your session too.  Your home and yard are the perfect setting, or we can take a walk through your neighborhood, meet up at the beach, or somewhere else that's meaningful to you!   



We want to tell your story.